Entertainment Agency Or Do It Yourself?

As a uni student, I worked as a waitress for a stunning wedding and corporate venue in Melbourne. It was during this employment where I was exposed to the events industry and realised it was a career I would love to pursue! I remember getting excited coming into work on the day of a wedding to see how the reception space was decorated, however the most highly anticipated part for me, was the entertainment.

I couldn’t believe it, but at one wedding, the groom organised a surprise for his bride; the famous 90’s singer Natalie Imbruglia to perform her single “Torn”.  The surprise performance caused a lot of tears and laughter followed by the most epic wedding party I have ever seen.

Now you don’t need to have a drawcard artist at your event, or to spend your life savings on an act, but having a point of difference, or something that stands out, can absolutely make your event one people will talk about for years to come!

If you are wondering whether an agency is needed to help you find entertainment, then here are a few reasons why an agency like us could save you a whole lot of stress!

1. Industry experience

The team at Top Dog have an extensive pool of knowledge coming from a diverse range of backgrounds including hospitality, event/wedding management, performing, DJing and catering. We know what to expect at venues, which entertainment works best for different celebrations, what entertainment options are out there and ultimately; the right entertainment to exceed your expectations within your budget.

2. Access to a wide range of entertainment

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of going through an agency, choice. Our database is always growing, we are always on the search for the hottest new performers and creating new acts specifically for events. Most recently we added a DJ Hybrid to our database that can play two instruments and DJ, which we think is awesome! Having access to a ton of acts which have all been matched to your tastes and brief, enables you to know exactly who you’re getting and provides the satisfaction of knowing you explored multiple options to find the best match for your event.

3. Guaranteed professional service

I wish it wasn’t so, however over my time at Top Dog I have received many phone calls from panicked potential clients looking for last minute acts. The entertainment they had personally booked had cancelled last minute and now they desperately needed a replacement! The great thing about an agency is that there is such a wide range of performers available who are professional and reliable, that we can offer to the client as a solution for their stressful situation. In some instances, we can recommend other entertainment that would be perfect for an event, which a client may not have previously been aware of to consider.

4. All the nitty gritty things for entertainment are handled.

There is a lot more to entertainment than just the performer playing your favourite songs. Most people are not aware of what needs to be arranged behind the scenes to make the entertainment functional and effective. It’s all well and good booking a talented guitarist to perform as you walk down the aisle, but if you don’t have any power in the gardens then it’s pretty pointless.

You may be able to figure all of the requirements out on your own, but unless you have done it before it can be stressful and confusing. Not only will you need to understand all of the technical terms, you would then need to relay this to the venue to ensure they have all the equipment your entertainment requires. Trust me this stuff takes time to grasp, when I first started at Top Dog I thought that my knowledge of Aux cords and XLR cables was advanced, little did I know that there was a whole other language waiting for me.

An agency will liaise with the performers and venue to make sure that all of the equipment and special thingy ma bobs are ready on the night. We will inform the performer of when their meal will be served, where they load in from, whether they need to fill out any inductions and check with the venue that everything is all set for the performer to arrive on the night. With this all taken of they can do what they were booked to do, entertain!

Organizing events is stressful enough, booking through an agency is one way of eliminating unnecessary headaches, allowing you to focus on other important elements, such as making sure your mother in law doesn’t get the salmon!