DJ Hybrid

Now we’re getting serious… multi-talented musicians who are not only spinning the tunes, but also improvising on a saxophone, ad-libbing on the drums, or belting out a live tune. We have Melbourne’s most in demand hybrid artists including:

  • DJ and Saxophone
  • DJ and Singer
  • DJ and MC
  • DJ and Percussionist

Their priority is understanding you and your crowd, making sure the blend of music suits your event and the vibe.

They then add sprinkles of live music to their mix by playing instruments or singing. Our DJ Hybrids have certain mixes in their repertoire which allow them to really let loose and perform feature solos or create ‘wow moments’.

Don’t be surprised if you see them rocking out on the dancefloor amongst your guests! DJ Hybrids are accomplished artists that add that extra fire power to just hiring a DJ. Cost effective and statement making!

Sample videos below. For more videos of our DJ Hybrids, please visit our YouTube.