Dual Soloists

A Dual Soloist is the perfect upgrade if you cannot decide between a live musician or DJ hire.

They are particularly suitable at weddings if either a wedding singer or a DJ is just not enough.

A Dual Soloist is an extremely talented artist that can play an instrument, sing and DJ!

They kick off with smooth acoustic tunes with vocals to begin and then build into an DJ party set.

Ideal for your wedding ceremony & pre dinner drinks (acoustic sets) and then transitioning into your wedding reception (DJ). You get the best of both worlds and at a better price point than hiring 2 separate artists.

We are one of very few Melbourne entertainment companies offering this modern combination and we have the most talented artists on our roster.

The majority of Dual Soloists offer a Guitar & Vocals / DJ combination; however, we also have Pianist & Vocals / DJs on our roster.

Take your Melbourne wedding entertainment, corporate entertainment Melbourne (or any
other event for that matter), to the next level!