DJ Band Hire


If you are looking for the best DJ Band in Melbourne to hire for your event, we have the most exclusive (and elite) artists at Top Dog.
Suitable for weddings, corporate events, major events and everything in between, our DJ Bands bring a range of live elements to your favourite tunes.

Whether it be background music, feature performances or party starting instruments to get that dance floor rocking, there are endless options to building the perfect DJ band party.

Ranging from sax, singer or MC, percussion, through to violin, guitar, keys and more, our DJ Bands have been a part of Melbourne’s best parties and events for years.

Sax is a whole lot of fun; whether it be with a DJ, a feature performance, a live battle with another instrument or as a Saxophone DJ hybrid to add live flavour to the music.

It suits any mood, any time and any event.

They can keep it classy suiting a chilled cocktail vibe or find them roaming amongst guests on a pumping dance floor.

A Sax player teamed up with a DJ is the most popular DJ Band party combination, and just the start of what is possible.

We have all of Melbourne’s best DJ Band percussionists – they bring the beat to any party!

Pair them up with a DJ or utilise a DJ / Percussion Hybrid performer to add some serious rhythm to the dance floor.

A wide range of percussive instruments brings variety and the ability to play along to almost any banger!

We have DJ Band Percussionists that have roving drum sets and can get amongst your crowd on the dancefloor.

No other Melbourne entertainment company has the calibre of singers for events than us.

If you’re wanting a singer for a wedding, corporate event singer, private celebration or major event, you’ve come to the right place.

We have singers suitable for any event and in any format, whether it be in a DJ Band or even a DJ Hybrid artist.

Have them join with your DJ during a dance bracket or maybe a more laid-back set over dinner?

Chilled classics or dance floor hits.

Singers can join your DJ Band at any time and work around the formalities of your event.

A guaranteed party starter!

Where contemporary and classic come together to produce an ambient and beautiful DJ Band sound. Violin, cello or even harp, we can blend a string player with your DJ to set the perfect vibe.

If you’re after a truly ‘Melbourne’ DJ Band vibe, why not add guitar performers or keys?

With a reputation as the live music capital of Australia, make your DJ Band feel really edgy and cultured with a genuine live music feel.

Sprinkle some rhythm and flavour to the DJs music with rhythmic runs from some of Melbourne’s best musicians.

Sample videos below.  For more videos of our DJ Bands, please visit out YouTube.