DJ Band Hire


DJ bands bring live elements to your favourite tunes.

Whether it be background music, feature performances or party starting instruments to get that dance floor rocking, there are endless options to building the perfect DJ band.

Live elements range from sax, singer or percussion, through to violin, guitar, keyboard and more.

Sax is a whole lot of fun; whether it be with a DJ, a feature performance, a live battle with another instrument or as a DJ/Saxophone hybrid to add live flavour to the music.

It suits any mood, any time and any event. They can keep it classy suiting a chilled cocktail vibe or find them roaming amongst guest on a pumping dance floor.

Bring the beat to the party with a percussionist.

Pair them up with a DJ or utilise our DJ / Percussion hybrid to add some serious rhythm to the dance floor.

A wide range of percussive instruments brings variety and the ability to play along to almost any banger!

Only Melbourne’s finest singers feature on our roster.

Have them join with a DJ during a dance bracket or maybe a more laid-back set over dinner?

Chilled classics or dance floor hits.

A guaranteed party starter.

Sample videos below.  For more videos of our DJ Bands, please visit out YouTube.