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Why you should ALWAYS pick a DJ instead of a playlist

These days, music is more accessible than ever, with Spotify or Apple Music offering endless tunes and curated playlists for every occasion. However, hear me out: when it comes to setting the tone for your wedding, corporate event or birthday party, nothing compares to hiring an experienced and professional DJ to take the musical reins. 

Here is why we think you should always choose a DJ over Spotify.

  1. Personalisation: While Spotify offers a wide selection of songs and playlists, it lacks personal touch and the expertise of a DJ who regularly attends events of all kinds. A DJ will take the time to understand the theme or vibe you are after, consider the audience demographic, the style of event, and curate a flexible playlist that caters to all of your preferences (even taking into consideration those few popular songs you just can’t stand to listen to!). They will keep the energy in the right spot throughout the night. They know timings well and can read a crowd to ensure they transition seamlessly from background music to the next vibe, all the way to the end of the night, keeping guests on their feet, literally, until the lights go on. 
  2. Live Mixes: One major advantage to DJ hire is their ability to mix in/out of a song and remixing. They can create immersive musical experiences that happen in real-time. Blending different tracks, genres and tempos and transitioning them at the right time creates excitement on the dance floor. They are creative, can be spontaneous, and can move around tracks quickly if they think another song might work better than the one they are currently playing. 
  3. Professional DJ Equipment: Our DJs come with great sound equipment only! They will play music through state-of-the-art DJ decks and highquality speakers. There is nothing worse than an event with a halfdecent Bluetooth speaker and your colleagues phone playing the tunes. They will know their sound levels and be able to monitor this throughout the night as the ambiance changes. 
  4. Interactive: Not only are they skilled in their field, but they are an entertainer who is there to engage a crowd, feed off the guests, take requests and encourage people to have a good time. Whether it’s getting the singalong tracks out at the right time or orchestrating special moments, the DJ is there to add enjoyment to any event they are booked for
  5. Flexibility: As mentioned above, your DJ will recognise when people are getting sick of a song, and they will change it up straight away – Spotify cannot, and this is where you will lose your dancefloor. They will adjust their playlists based on the mood of the crowd at each moment and can take requests on the fly. Need to take a break to make an announcement – easy! The DJ can pick up where they left off and pivot to ensure any stops or starts are perfectly managed! 

And so, yes, Spotify is cheaper and very accessible, but it cannot replicate the personalised service that a professional DJ can provide!