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10 things to ask your wedding DJ

We totally get itorganising your wedding entertainment can feel daunting. If you haven’t planned a wedding before, here is a list of the most crucial things we believe you should ask your wedding DJ.

– How does it work with music planning? Should we give you requests? Will you read the room or do a bit of both?

– How far in advance should we start organising the music we would love at our wedding?

– What genres of music really don’t work for an epic dancefloor vibe?

– What genres of music do you feel most comfortable playing/do you specialise in?

– What DJ equipment will you be bringing?

– Can we hear a mix/see a video of your work?

– Will you take song requests from our guests on the night?

– What music will you play when you’re taking a break throughout the night?

– How would your past clients sum you up as a DJ?

– What is the most crucial part of your role as a wedding DJ?

– Can we submit a ‘do not play’ list?

Once you have chosen your wedding DJ – or maybe you would like to ask these questions whilst you are making your decisions on which DJ to book – ask them these questions. Once you have the answers to those, it will aid you so much in making a decision to pick the best-suited DJ for you!