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How To Find The Best DJ Melbourne Has On Offer

When you need a top DJ, Melbourne has some of the best around

When your function or event needs to get people up and excited, it’s time to find a top DJ in Melbourne.

There’s nothing quite like having the music pumping and the party rocking out. That’s exactly what a quality DJ is all about.

There’s more to being a top notch DJ than you might realise.

To really make a mark and make the most of the occasion, it takes a broad skill set. A good reputation is one thing, but it’s how to adapt to each and every function that can make or break it.

Here’s what to look for when you are trying to find the right DJ for you.

Things to look for in your choice of DJ

First off the rank, you want to know that your DJ is reliable.

That means they have a bit of a buzz around them and some really good word of mouth about what they can do.

They also need to be true professionals who are punctual and adaptable. Not every event or occasion goes according to plan, so having someone in your entertainment corner making sure that things are ticking along is a key to success.

You want your DJ to be able to;

  • Create the right atmosphere
  • Get people excited and up on the dancefloor (even the shy ones)
  • Read the crowd and the room (including being able to crank things up or cool things down)
  • Keep things rolling (especially if there are breaks or a set schedule with speeches)
  • Have a sense of fun that helps guests feel at ease
  • Help you work out the best approach to the event or party and any Plan B required

Having a professional DJ working for you and the occasion will pay off big time, especially if you have one you can trust and who is easy to work with.

They should be able to take your mind off organising everything rather than add stress with high demands or dictating what they want rather than what you need.

Why a top professional DJ is a great asset

You can forget the days of a family member or a friend being the DJ at a party. Even the best amateur DJ can bring things unstuck if and when something goes wrong.

That could be due to a technical issue or lack of pre-planning. The other thing to remember is that the party or occasion is not about what the DJ thinks it should be, it is what you want it to be.

Having the wrong choice of music can be close to a disaster.

This is when experience and know-how is crucial to having an event really go off.

You don’t want inappropriate music and lyrics being blasted at a formal event or business occasion. Having too much soft and slow music when people are begging to dance can bring the party down.

The DJ is the master of ceremonies in many ways and they can create anticipation, excitement and then build the atmosphere to a crescendo where everyone is up and having a good time.

We’ve probably all been to an event that was very forgettable because the music vibe and party atmosphere was sadly lacking.

You can avoid this issues by finding the best DJ in Melbourne to suit your function.

This is when it pays to do a little homework.

Where a track record means more than anything

To have the best possible DJ at your event, it makes sense to ask them a few key questions before you hire them.

What is their specialty?
What samples can they play or send you?

Do they have a schedule of what they plan to do?

What times can you expect them to be there and for how long?

Some DJs are famous for one or two things but they might not be right for you and your event.

The main thing to look for is someone who is easy to deal with, backs up what they say with action and wants to do all they can to please you and make your event a winner.

Where do you find someone like that?

The Top DJs are at Top Dog Entertainment

There is a rock solid stable of fabulous DJ’s (and DJ bands and Hybrids) at the headquarters of great entertainment – that’s Top Dog.

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The great thing is that you can discuss your needs and find the best act possible. Having the perfect fit to bring you the perfect function is what Top Dog Entertainment is all about.

It’s time to get your party started and make it one that everyone will remember for all the right reasons.

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