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Best Ceremony Songs

A ceremony is the starting off point of a wedding, it sets the vibe, and it’s the only part of the celebration that makes it a legally binding wedding. Without a ceremony, it’s a dinner party!

Walking down the aisle is usually how it all begins. Although traditionally accompanied by a father, you can walk down with your brother, sister, mum, friend or your partner. There are no rules when it comes to the arrival part of the ceremony, in fact you don’t have to walk down an aisle if you don’t want to! Music plays a huge part in setting the tone during a ceremony and especially at the beginning. Nerves are high and that first song should be a song you love which will calm you and get your guests excited/emotional for what is to come.

We have asked some of our most popular ceremony artists what their favourite processional (walking down the aisle) songs are and what they love about them!

Alyssa & Daniel

The most popular song we sing would have to be Perfect by Ed Sheeran; the overall feel of the song pulls at the heart strings and is also a great tempo to walk into.

There’s no right or wrong song – we find the best/most emotional songs are ones that are sentimental to the couple :-)

Georga B

I could go on about this all day! I love singing at weddings & I have collected so many songs favs over the years!

Songbird- Eva Cassidy: This is such a classic love song & with beautiful lyrics! It sets a beautiful atmosphere for the ceremony!

Time after Time – Eva Cassidy: I mean these lyrics are perfect for a wedding! Talking about the fact that no matter what, time after time that person will be there!

At Last – Etta James: A beautiful jazz classic, that is full of romance & moody tones! There’s so much hope in this song!

No Matter where you are – Us The Duo: I love this song so much these artists wrote this song for each other for their wedding day and then it went viral on YouTube. I’ve decided a lot of weddings lately it’s a more contemporary in the type song but the lyrics are just perfect for a wedding day. This song talks about the fact that no matter where the other person is that they will be there.

Becky R

I’d say BY FAR the most popular ceremony songs seems to be “Can’t help falling in love”.

I’d say in recommendations to couples when choosing, they should figure out whether they want something “romantic” or “fun”… and go from there. If they have a couple song – figure out whether they want that to be the aisle song or their first dance.

I also think choosing a fun upbeat song for the exit song is always a good idea!

MaryAnne M

One of my fav ceremony songs down the aisle is La Vie en Rose.

Best advice on choosing songs is lots of research. Think about what mood you want to create and feel coming down the aisle. If you have a favourite song but not sure if it will work as a ceremony song find a great musician to guide you.  Some of the best ceremony songs we have done are different takes on the loved originals, but have a unique take on it so its unique to that couple.

Sarah R

Simply The Best – Noah Reid Cover (Schitts Creek)

This is such a beautiful rendition of the classic Tina Turner hit, it’s super gentle, help create a romantic scene without being over the top , I love the opening line ‘I call you when I need you, My heart’s on fire’ – Every word in this song has purpose and really would be suited to any generation .


Now for my own opinion..

I say, have a think about your favourite songs as a couple. Remember the song doesn’t have to be slow and emotional and that a lot of great songs have had acoustic covers done of them which may make your beloved rock, metal and crazy pop tunes a bit more ceremony appropriate.

I walked down the aisle with my husband to an acoustic version of Bubbles by Biffy Clyro. It was one of our very favourite songs and one we had been lucky enough to hear played live twice. It was perfect!

Choose a song that means something to you both and you’ll walk down the aisle with an extra spring in your step.