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DJ Claudia – Best Wedding Entrance Songs

You’re married and the reception is starting. A very popular tradition is to make an entrance. I am sure you would have seen it if you’ve been to a wedding lately! The reception starts, the guests are all called to attention and the MC announces the bridal party (and sometimes the couples’ parents/grandparents) and the happy couple into the room. It’s your first official introduction as newlyweds! Choosing a song for such a grand entrance is quite the task and we have asked one of our DJ’s, Claudia, for some of her favourites…

Maybe I am just being biased because I am an entertainer but to me, music and entertainment is such an important, if not the most important, part of a wedding celebration. The beauty of music is that everyone has their own tastes and no wedding is ever the same. As a wedding DJ/singer I get to see so many amazing couple entrances to some all-time classic songs that absolutely lift the atmosphere.

Here are some of my personal favourites that I see quite often and that I think work perfectly to make a fun, grand entrance to your special day!

1- Lets Get Loud- Jlo

An absolute classic party starter. It’s upbeat, fun, well known and just an overall feel good song that will get your guests excited for an amazing night of fun, music and entertainment.

2- Let’s get married- Jagged Edge

Perfectly fitting for a wedding entrance! It’s a classic old school RnB jam that everyone knows and loves.

3- You & I – Medina

This one is must for all the house music lovers out there. Such an iconic song that is timeless no matter how much time passes by.

4- Danza Kuduro- Don Omar Ft Lucenzo

One of my all-time favourite songs and so fitting for a wedding entrance.

This song is sure to get all your guests up on their feet and help you make an entrance that everyone will remember.

5- Crazy In love- Beyonce

There isn’t a wedding entrance like a Beyonce wedding entrance. You can’t go wrong with a bit of Queen B to make an arrival and get the party started. Crazy in love is not only a dance floor favourite but something I often play for clients as an entrance song.

6- Yeahx3- Chris Brown

For all the old school RnB lovers, you can’t go past this song for an entrance. An upbeat, well known song that will get everyone up and ready to welcome you in for a night of celebrations.