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Navigating wedding Spotify playlists

Not only because we live and breathe all things music and entertainment, but nailing your music choices is crucial to the success of your wedding.

People will often forget the colour palette of your florals, how your seating chart looked or what they had for entrees, but NO ONE will forget if your reception was boring and no one danced.

Luckily for our couples, they never have to worry about that, as we work with the best talent in Melbourne, and our dancefloors are THE dancefloors your friends will talk about for years to come. (We’re not sorry for the sore feet you’ll get from dancing way too hard).

Music choices can be overwhelming. We know how many BANGERS are out there, but to make it easy for you, we have put together some playlists with key songs for all of the key moments throughout your day.

Here, we have four example playlists that will take you right through a full day of entertainment for your special day. First up, you will find all of your favourite love songs in our ceremony and first dance playlist. These will help you set the tone from the very beginning of your day. Moving along to our reception entrance songs playlist, you will find all the tunes our couples love to enter their reception with a bang! In order of moving through your night you will find our dancefloor bangers playlist, with exactly what the title suggests…all the bangers!!! Finally, our last wedding playlist has all of the end-of-the-night classics that work so perfectly every time.

So, whether you’re cruising in the car, heading for a workout or chilling at home, pop these playlists on and see why our wedding couples choose us to create the soundtrack to their love story.

Let’s party!!!