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5 mistakes to avoid at your wedding

A wedding is supposed to be one of the best days of a couple’s life. You spend countless hours planning a wedding and let’s face it, things will go wrong; that’s unavoidable, but here are five of the top mistakes to avoid at your wedding.


  1. Not having a backup plan for an outdoor wedding or ceremony. Let’s face it: we live in the state with the most unpredictable weather. An outdoor Melbourne wedding MUST have a backup plan in case the weather decides to have a little moment! Ensuring you’re organised in the lead-up with an alternate location for your ceremony or outdoor celebrations will eliminate so much stress on your wedding day.
  2. Not hiring your dream team of wedding vendors. Wedding vendors live and breathe what they do, and the best of the best have probably been doing this for 10+ years. We can’t stress enough just how important the team of vendors you book is to your day and how it will flow. There are plenty of parts to your wedding that you can cut down to save money on, but don’t let it be your dream team of wedding vendors especially your entertainment vendors!
  3. Including traditions in your special day ‘just because’. Don’t do it! It’s as simple as that. Working in the entertainment industry for many Melbourne weddings, we get to know so many couples along the way and often hear they are adding particular traditions into their day just for the sake of it. Remember, your day is about you, and you should always base your wedding decisions on what will make you most comfortable rather than what might be a tradition.
  4. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better! This one is really crucial and something that we see and hear all the time. Ask yourself why there is such a huge jump in pricing from one vendor to another in the same industry. We often hear of couples booking a vendor purely because it was the cheaper option and then having major regrets afterwards because something has gone wrong or they haven’t gotten what they asked for/ thought they were getting. The saying you get what you pay for really is true, and you really can’t put a price on having your day run smoothly and being the best fun.
  5. Planning things without doing enough research. Getting engaged is so exciting, and you can often find yourself planning things right away, even if you thought you wouldn’t be that person. Before you know it, you are saying yes to things because you feel pressured to get things locked in but haven’t done the proper research. We would always advise you to take things slow where you can, research and explore, and make the most informed decisions along the way.