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What to look for in a wedding DJ

The possibilities of the different types of entertainment you can have on your special day really are endless, but you can never look past a DJ.

It is such a popular choice among our couples and such an integral part of your reception.

Choosing the right DJ for you can feel overwhelming. We get it our artists are amazing, and we hate choosing too, but we are always at ease booking you one of our DJs because we really do work with the best of the best.

Below are some of the main points we think are crucial when looking for a DJ.

  • Do you get to select your DJ? Many agencies will book you anyone who is available – not us! This is about you and what you love, so we will always allow you to have a full say in your day and guide you if you are stuck.
  • Look for someone with a minimum two years’ experience in weddings. Our DJs are not uni students who learnt a new skill or people who decided to give DJ’ing a shot during Covid – they are all professional, experienced and experts at what they do. On the biggest day of your life, this is something that is super important to consider.
  • Build trust with your booking agency/ DJ. Trust in them to execute your vision. We live and breathe entertainment and music and have been doing this for 15+ years. If you trust us, we guarantee to get it right for you every time.
  • Does your DJ have professional equipment and a neat set-up? This is so important. There is nothing worse than great music being played out of not-so-great speakers. This can really ruin the whole vibe. All of our DJs have the highest quality equipment that is checked and approved by us so that we never compromise on sound quality for our clients. Our set up’s are neat, tidy and safe. If you see cables and cords everywhere… run!
  • Reviews and Feedback. These are real people from their own events sharing their feedback, and this should be used as a tool to help you feel comfortable in booking with your chosen agency and DJ. We are proud to have a 5-star Google review average, and you can read all the wonderful things our clients have to say here LINK.
  • Cheap DJs should be more of a red flag than you think. When you are looking for a wedding DJ hire, we understand and respect everyone has a budget and different financial situations, but if you are reviewing several quotes and some are significantly cheaper, ask yourself why this may be. The saying you get what you pay for is often very correct. 

Before you make a decision on your DJ, look into all of the above points, and you can be sure if you’ve ticked all of these points off, you’re in for an amazing night!!