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6 unique entertainment ideas for your wedding reception

The wonderful thing about wedding entertainment hire is that the possibilities really are endless when you put no limits on the creativity in what you end up booking. No two weddings are ever the same, and there are so many unique ideas to add to your planning to make your wedding reception stand out. Let’s chat about our top 5 picks.

  1. Live music for your canapes or cocktail hour. Instead of having your venue play background music via a playlist, booking a live musician, whether that be an acoustic soloist, a duo, sax player, violinist, or vocalist, you can really set the tone in such a beautiful way for your guests as the night begins.
  2. Book a magician. On the theme of canapes and cocktail hours, booking a magician is something we think is SO fun and unique. Often, at weddings, guests from different families don’t know each other, and a magician is such a fantastic way to break the ice and bring people together. This is one that we are seeing pop up more and more, and we are loving it.
  3. Add a live element to play alongside your DJ. Whether it be a saxophonist, vocalist, violinist, or percussionist – this adds a totally different interactive element to your dance floor. A good DJ is more than fine to carry the dance floor on their own, but adding of a live element that can get in and amongst your dance floor really steps things up a notch and makes for the best vibes.
  4. Fireworks! This is another idea that we see popping up more and more these days, and it is the most beautiful touch to finish your wedding with. End the night with a bang by having a fireworks display. Not only does it make for epic photo/video content, but it really is such a special day to celebrate the wonderful day you have just had. Much like we mentioned, setting the tone from the beginning is the perfect way to create a lasting memory for your guests once the night has come to an end.
  5. Hire a live painter. Whilst not totally entertainmentrelated, we think this is such a beautiful choice to consider adding to your day. Your day will absolutely fly by, and what better way to capture such a beautiful moment captured than with a live painter? Your guests can watch as the painting unfolds in real-time throughout the night, and then you have an incredible piece of artwork to cherish forever.
  6. A drag performer! Nothing says party starter like booking a drag performer. They are so unique, fun and memorable in all the best ways. A drag queen will put on a spectacular live show full of glitz, glamour, humour, and some cheeky banter. Your guests will be left blown away & this is something we are seeing become super popular among many weddings and events.