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How to get the most out of your entertainment

How exciting! You’ve landed at the fun part… Your ENTERTAINMENT!! Whilst your planning journey can become stressful and overwhelming your entertainment journey should be stressfree, relaxed, and enjoyable. If you are paying for quality and professional entertainment hire, you really want to do all you can to assist in a smooth process/ experience. Here are our top tips on how to get the most out of your wedding entertainment.


  1. Trust in your chosen entertainers. They are true professionals and literally do this week in and week out. You may have not been to many weddings, but trust us, our performers are professional wedding attendees, working at several weddings each and every week. They know how the day/ night is run and will always provide you with tips and tricks along the way.
  2. Get creative! We love a couple who think outside the square and have a vision for their entertainment that might be outside the “norm”. This is your day, feel free to branch out and try something that you may have your heart set on. You might just be setting a new trend in the entertainment world.
  3. Be organised. Organisation and preparation are key to getting the most out of your entertainment. If your agency/ performers have sent a questionnaire to gather your music details, have it filled out at least a month prior so that your performers/agents have plenty of time to get things sorted, arrange meetings, ask questions, and allow for any changes to be made before things get too frantic closer to the wedding.
  4. Start a Spotify playlist. Chances are you are booking your entertainment at a minimum of one year out, sometimes two and you can often forget songs that you love and want to include in your day. When it comes closer to the time to prep your music, you don’t want to feel stuck trying to remember the songs you wished you noted down sooner. That’s where a Spotify playlist really comes in handy. Start a playlist with your partner and add to it along your planning journey. It doesn’t need to consist of 10 hours worth of music, but you’ll always thank yourself later when you find all the forgotten gems you want to include in your day.
  5. Book early. Booking your wedding entertainment early is a top tip for any couple. Great talent books out quickly; if you have your heart set on someone, there is only one of them, and once they are booked… they’re booked! By booking early, you are more likely to get your first choice of entertainment and avoid any last-minute problems of acts and performers being unavailable.
  6. Less is sometimes more. Don’t feel like you need to overcomplicate your entertainment. Quality talent speaks for itself, so you don’t need to book a million things to leave a lasting impression and be blown away. Remember what is important to you and what you wish to have a part of your day, and go with that.