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Read this before booking wedding entertainment!

Wherever you book, whomever you book with, make sure you do these things to ensure you get the ultimate wedding entertainment experience!

We have been doing this for years (not joking, over 30!), and we know a thing or two about weddings, entertainment, and how couples get the most out of their entertainment:

Here are our 4 MUST DOs for couples booking wedding entertainment:

  1. Choose experience!

    Book someone who has been doing this for a while and has a range of experience! Be careful about booking young kids who don’t have the gigs under their belt and can’t keep all ages partying on the dancefloor.

    Does your artist(s) have experience in only doing weddings? Although that’s obviously pretty important, artists that play at a range of other events have a better all-around feel of music trends, demographic ranges and how to keep the dancefloor turning over all night.

  2. It’s Your Wedding – you are in control.

    Make sure you have full control over who your key artists are.

    Knowing who your DJ is, is critical – they are the ones that are in control of the vibe of your night.

    So, you ask, and you should ask, ‘Can I choose my own DJ?’ Yes, a hundred times ‘Yes, you should be able to.’You have the power, and with your agency’s guidance, you can piece together the ultimate line-up.

    Some agencies might shove their pre-selected artists (or artist that they are trying to keep exclusive to their agency meaning they need to give them x gigs per year) down your throat, leaving you with a DJ who still thinks the Macarena is the pinnacle of party anthems. It’s important that the choice in your hands.

    Can you also speak with your artist(s) before your wedding? Creating an introductory rapport with your key artist(s) is very important. If you don’t, are they really understanding your vibe and style? You’ll feel way more comfortable on the night to approach them if you have spoken to them prior.

    Despite having all the chats you need with your coordinator throughout the planning process, it just isn’t enough without speaking to someone who will be on the ground with you.

  3. Don’t grab a stack of quotes and book the cheapest.

    If you’re grabbing a stack of quotes and booking based on price, you are either very brave, or the quality of entertainment isn’t that much of a priority. Cheaper entertainment may save you money upfront, but it can cost you in terms of your overall experience and impact. Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.

    Side Note: that being said, Top Dog offer the same artist as other agencies, but at a cheaper rate. Providing the best service and value for money always prevails over our agency margins (check out our Wedding FAQs for more info on this 😊)

  4. Get on the phone / ask questions.

    Talk to your agency contact – Building a real connection with the person coordinating your wedding entertainment is important!

    Ask questions; No question is too silly. You’ll know pretty soon if they know what they are talking about. You’ll get instant answers, too; no waiting around for replies like you’re stuck in a slow dance.

    Also, you get to feel the vibes and energy firsthand because rapport and tone matter when planning the perfect wedding.

For much more assistance to guide you into making the best decision, be sure to read our Wedding FAQs, back on our Wedding Page. It’s comprehensive and covers a heap of questions we’ve been asked over the years…