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Artist Spotlight – Chris S (DJ/Sax Hybrid)

These days, people are looking for the next best/most popular entertainment option when planning their event. A DJ Hybrid is the latest option (and one of our most popular) when choosing a DJ band. A DJ Hybrid is produced when you find an incredibly talented individual who has not only nailed the skill of an instrument (or vocals) but learnt to mix tracks on the decks like a pro! Booking a hybrid gives you the flexibility to have a bit of live music without the price of hiring two separate people.

We sat down (virtually…) with one of our most popular hybrid performers, Chris, who is not only an incredible saxophonist but also a DJ!

What instruments do you play (and how are they incorporated into your set)?

Saxophone and Flute, and DJ decks.

Acoustic flute and sax work really well in canapes or meal sets. Wandering through the guests as they eat and mingle without being too intrusive

Sax gets the dance floor going! Wandering out and partying with guests

What music is your favourite to play?

Love playing any funk/disco/soul music – works wonders with the sax! But honestly, my favourite type of music is what the client wants to hear – their energy on the dance floor gives me energy and it creates a really positive feedback loop that makes the night a huge success.

Why do you love performing at events?

Being a part of someone’s special day (wedding) or party (corporate event). Knowing that you are helping to make the day memorable.

Why a hybrid? Why not one or the other?

Saves the client money by hiring one person instead of multiple performers!

Playing sax whilst DJing offers a live music experience without the need for a full band. You get the flexibility of song choice that a DJ offers, but have the live music element and interactivity that a musician can offer. When you are the musician and the DJ you know all the perfect songs to complement the event but also your instrument.

Favourite dance floor song?

Definitely love disco hits like September but also a big fan of Yeah! or You’re the Voice (especially playing along with the bagpipe solo!) or sax specific tunes like Jubel.

What song goes off with a sax solo?

Jubel and Careless Whisper are definitely the two most request sax songs. Levels, Valerie and I Wanna Dance with Somebody are close thirds. Can also end the evening and begin to wind down the night with the famous INXS never tear us apart solo.

Memorable moment?

  • Playing at the races and moving around the marquees – also love the different crowds that are in the bird cage or the private marquees on the other end of the track
  • Having another guest at an event bring along his own saxophone and we had a good jam throughout the night
  • Joining in with a Croatian band at a wedding – They were a great bunch of guys and had some music for me to read. Night was a huge success – they played all the classic Croatian tunes and gave me freedom to jam along and roam amongst the crowd.

What’s good about working with Top Dog? (shameless plug – can you blame us??)

Organisation and making my life easy – they take care of the admin and fine details for me so I can focus on making the night a success!

The honesty and transparency when working with them, as well as feeling like you are valued as a musician. They have your best interests in mind when working to deliver what the clients want.

What’s next for you Chris?

  • I love playing with the Garth Ploog Trio where Garth sings and does keys, Henton DJs the beats and I play sax. This gives a great canape and early evening sound that can easily transition into the dance floor as the DJ is already set up and ready to go! It’s a really unique DJ band option!
  • Next step is pairing up multiple entertainers with the hybrid and having a full DJ band. Percussion and vocals with a DJ/sax hybrid creates live music entertainment with the flexibility of song choice of a DJ.
  • Pairing a Hybrid DJ with a Hybrid DJ so that there can be more features of my sax whilst the other hybrid DJs and/or sings – the options are endless! I’m booked in early next year to DJ and play sax with another DJ who sings. It will be an awesome vibe!

Like to hire Chris for your next event or function?  Contact Top Dog Entertainment today!