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Band or DJ – That Is The Question!

Congratulations! You are engaged and planning your wedding – fun times. By now you have probably sorted the venue, photographer, celebrant and maybe even your outfits? Those are usually the first to be investigated and entertainment tends to be further towards the end of the list.

I have been in the wedding and events industry now for almost fifteen years, working at some of Melbourne’s premium wedding venues and I have seen everything come through those doors. From DJs to bands, strings to magicians, I have seen the best and the absolute worst. Believe me, the world of weddings could make for an epic new Netflix reality doco! Music is so valuable to getting the atmosphere right. The music needs to reflect the mood you wish to create and the guests you have invited.

For most couples the entertainment decisions come down to just one question: Band or DJ?

At the end of the day it really should come down to what you would prefer personally, however, I hope the below points help you make up your mind!


DJs are fun because they play all your songs in their original format. Not too many singers can belt out Whitney Houston and do her justice however a DJ can play that banger at any time of the night and it will be exactly how you remembered it. They can play any song at any time due to having huge digital libraries. You like multiple genres? No worries, just give your DJ an idea of what you want, and they will have it all ready to go!

When you hire a DJ, there is no set list to choose from – if the song exists then with a bit of notice they should be able to source any of your favourite tunes. Having everything digital means they can keep an incredible amount of music with them at any time. Should you or your guests have any requests on the night, there is a great chance they will have it (or can quickly download it!) and your favourite song you forgot to put on your list will be coming up next.


Party bands have come a long way from the typical wedding band you would have seen 10, 20 years ago. There are so many talented bands and it’s a tough path to go down when choosing one. Bands bring the party in different ways to a DJ. It helps encourage the first few people to get on the dance floor when there is already 5 band members there creating a party atmosphere! Although they can’t perform each song you love, they can alter some of your favourites and give them their own spin. Whether you want a rock song slowed down for your first dance or you want acoustic style versions of some epic pop tunes for background music during your canape hour bands can cater for different parts of the night and play most songs in a suitable style. My husband and I walked down the aisle to a chilled out version of a rock track!

Now, if you really can’t decide there’s always the ever-popular DJ Band which is a handy creative mix of the two. With a DJ band you get to hear your favourite songs played in their original format with some embellishments. First you have a DJ then you book a sax, singer, percussionist or any other musician. This way you get to hear your favourite songs come to life with the added flair of live musicians. A fun element of the DJ band is when some of the instruments you can add are wireless (hello saxophonist or vocalist) and what’s more fun than having a dance with the sax player as they belt out an epic solo! A DJ band is an affordable way of achieving the feel of a full band without paying for 5 people to be there for the whole night. As you add members to the DJ band you only need to pay for the hours that the musicians play for making this option a budget friendly alternative when you love live music!

So, how do you make the decision if you are still on the fence? My best suggestion that I always give to clients is to think about what they prefer to hear when they go out. Do you gravitate towards venues with DJs or are you the band type and love heading out to gigs? Consider what would suit your friends and family’s demographic and whether one would be more suitable or expected than the other. Also, have a think about weddings you have been to and loved and what entertainment they had.

So, the answer really lies with you. All are great options and as long as you choose a professional, talented and experienced DJ, band or DJ band you will have an epic time. You and your guests make the party, we just nudge you all along!

Like to talk to someone about choosing entertainment for your engagement party, wedding ceremony or reception? Get in touch and we’ll help you find the perfect match!