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Why Book Entertainment Through An Agency?

When it comes to wedding planning or organising a Christmas party for your work, chances are, you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to entertainment. You may have a budget, you may not. You might want a change from what you booked last time, or you may have been to an epic wedding and you want what they had!

Here are some of the top reasons to book through an agency when organising entertainment for an event.

Volume Of Artists

We have hundreds of artists across many genres, styles, price and instruments. We work with bands, solo artists, duos, DJs, DJ band musicians, roving performers and more. You get access to all of these artists with only one contact – super easy to keep track of.

This comes in handy if you aren’t sure what you want, if the artist you wanted is not available or if you want multiple elements of entertainment across your event. With not only the volume, but also the high level of skill our artists have, we will find the perfect options for you no matter your budget or brief!

You Have No Idea What You Want

Sometimes people have no idea what type of music they would prefer at their event and that’s ok. A band or a DJ, a DJ band or an acoustic act – we can help you work out what would be best suited.

Give us a brief and we will give you options. We are happy to work with a small, large, tricky, specific, or strange brief – we love a challenge. Give us as much information as you can, and we will give you a couple of line ups that are sure to impress.

Your Artist Is Sick

People get sick and things (although rare) can happen out of our control. Once in a blue moon a DJ or musician is not going to be able to turn up at your event and sometimes with very little notice. Should this happen, and your wedding was only hours from commencing, you wouldn’t have time to deal with this. Cue the agency staff – we would be on this instantly and sort out the best possible back up/replacement. Here at Top Dog our office phone line is diverted to a staff member overnight and over the weekend. We are always available. Should anything happen, we will be onto it and sorting it out before you even know what is going on! With the sheer volume of artists we have, we can find available alternatives in a flash.

You Have Too Much To Organise

Planning an event can take up a lot of your time and chances are (especially for couples getting married) you haven’t done this before. Planning events doesn’t always come naturally to everyone.

We will coordinate all your song choices and run sheets with our user-friendly online forms, coordinate with venues, liaise with performers and make sure everything is perfect and ready to go on the day. This is particularly useful when you book multiple artists. We ensure they all work well together; the right amount of equipment has been arranged and that everyone knows their parts, arrival times and we organise payment to all artists whilst you only have to deal with one invoice.

We Are Experts

All we do is listen to music, scout new artists, talk to musicians and DJs, follow new trends, visit venues, and organise entertainment for epic events. Got a question? Need some advice on what will fit/work for your event? Bit confused about on-site restrictions/rules? Chances are high we will know the answers to any of your questions. In our office alone we have a DJ, a musician, an event manager, and a celebrant. We have a wide range of event knowledge and we are always learning.

Professional Service Guaranteed

We do not just book anyone. We have seen every single person we book play in person. To us, it is not just about talent, its about being presentable, experienced, personable and talented. We make sure that anyone we send out to an event is representative of our brand – we have high expectations of our artists.